B2B Research

Considering the large-scale growth of B2B market nowadays, it's no wonder that B2B research is more in demand as well. Establishing valuable partnerships with suppliers, affiliates, investors, etc. is essential for large and small-size enterprises alike. For this reason, we are committed to employing our massive data resources in providing high quality customized B2B research services.

Apart from our considerable knowledge in the online marketing field and web experience, we have also put huge efforts in compiling one of the largest website databases in the world. It contains 300+ million websites covering all global and country code extensions. However, it's not only about the numbers. We are also driven to collect all possible data about websites such as owner contacts and emails, country and markets, industry, etc. and that provides us with a unprecedented wealth of information. Thus, we've become the world's first and best data source for B2B research.

Let's assume you conduct research on a particular world region in order to find suitable partners there. You provide us with your criteria such as market sector, keyword/phrase or preferred languages, etc. and we search our database for websites that match them to provide you with a full list (possibly with owner contact data), etc. so you can get in touch immediately.

Or you may work on an inter-institutional academic research project where you have to analyze a sample of the Internet containing websites from a fixed number of countries in certain academic fields for science purposes.

The possibilities for B2B research are endless depending only on your needs. We are here for you! Let us know how we can help you.

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